Join Indicate Technologies and their partners for a full day of 3D tech demos

| Indicate Technologies facility (Santa Clara, CA, USA)
3D Scan Print Expo 2023

What: 3D Print-Scan-Measure EXPO 2023
Where: Indicate Technologies facility (2065 Martin Avenue #103, Santa Clara, CA 95050)
When: October 18, 2023

Step into the future of 3D technology at the 3D Print-Scan-Measure EXPO 2023! The Expo is where pioneering innovations, unparalleled knowledge, and state-of-the-art technologies converge to sculpt the new contours of the 3D industry.

Hosted at the Indicate Technologies facility in the heart of Santa Clara, this one-of-a-kind event is a blend of informative technology presentations, hands-on training workshops, equipment demonstrations, and not to mention, a delightful lunch to keep the conversations flowing.

At the helm of this transformative event is Indicate Technologies, a beacon of innovation in the world of 3D technologies. Not only will they be showcasing the full array of Artec scanners, including the brand new Ray II, they're also ensuring that the Expo is as much fun as it is informative.

Our Artec 3D representative will tell you all about how Artec Leo and Ray II now come together to reach unbeatable new levels, as well as take you through the highlights of the new Artec Studio 18.

With all that lined up, the event is set to be a platform where you can visualize and understand the power of advanced scanning, printing, and measurement solutions that are setting new benchmarks for precision, efficiency, and innovation.

So, everyone from tech enthusiasts to engineers, developers to industry professionals keen on staying ahead of the curve in 3D technologies, come on by!

Register for the 3D Print-Scan-Measure EXPO 2023 today and gear up to be part of a tech revolution, courtesy of Indicate Technologies. Experience the future, today!