Kwick High Tech & Solutions Limited

1 ufficio, Pakistan


Kwick High Tech & Solutions Limited offers Artec 3D scanners and leading 3D printers from across the world. We support clients in many industries, including engineering, healthcare, and prototyping. With our expertise in 3D scanning & 3D printing, we talk customers through their projects and find 3D solutions to suit their needs. Our services include Artec scanner sales, 3D scanning services, 3D printing, product & prototype design, 3D design consultation, etc.

Scanner disponibili per dimostrazioni

Artec Leo

Il nostro miglior scanner 3D, il primo al mondo a essere senza fili, dotato di AI e con touch screen integrato

Artec Space Spider

Una soluzione metrologica 3D, perfetta per catturare piccoli oggetti per applicazioni CAD e molto altro