Shanghai HUAO Information Technology CO., LTD

1 oficina, China

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Since it was founded in March 2013, Shanghai HUAO Information Technology CO., LTD has been committed to providing benchmark 3D digitization solutions across a range of industries. With its rich experience in 3D technology, the HUAO team starts every new project by analyzing its specific needs and challenges and then outlines a roadmap to follow in order to resolve them in minimal time and with the best 3D data acquisition, modeling, and management solutions available.

The team is equipped with a variety of tools such as portable 3D scanners for both small objects and large spaces, as well as wearable scanning gear, terrestrial laser scanners, UAV tilt photogrammetry, and 3D printers. No matter the surface area to be captured in 3D, HUYAO can provide comprehensive hardware and software solutions, as well as 3D scanning, modeling, and printing services for applications such as reverse engineering, quality inspection, finite element analysis, deformation monitoring, mobile mapping, and more.

HUAO takes pride in its successful track record covering a variety of projects in manufacturing equipment, pipelines, factory buildings, bridges, tunnels, the automotive industry, aerospace, shipbuilding, and a host of other industries.

Escáneres disponibles para demostraciones

Artec Ray

Escáner láser de largo alcance para digitalizar objetos grandes, como aviones o edificios.

Artec Leo

Nuestro mejor escáner 3D y el primer inalámbrico del mundo impulsado por inteligencia artificial, con pantalla táctil incorporada.

Artec Eva

Un veloz escáner 3D para profesionales que quieren crear modelos 3D de forma rápida y precisa de objetos de tamaño mediano.