4D Virtual Lab (supported by Central Scanning)

1 oficina, Portugal
Certificado Gold

Amplios conocimientos de los productos de Artec 3D, magnífico soporte al cliente.


4D Virtual Lab is the partner of choice for museums and art galleries that embark on creating immersive virtual tours for those who can't visit their premises physically. Experts in 3D scanning, the 4D team can transform just about any exhibit into its hyper-realistic, submillimeter-precise 3D replica. As well, the company offers a variety of tools to enhance the experience of museum visitors exploring virtual collections.

Another major area of focus is collaboration with universities and public institutions aiming to preserve monuments, artifacts, and other heritage in digital form. Expertise gained through this kind of work has allowed the 4D team to better understand the needs of other sectors, thus paving the way to successfully completing projects in areas ranging from industrial design to healthcare.

Escáneres disponibles para demostraciones

Artec Eva

Un veloz escáner 3D para profesionales que quieren crear modelos 3D de forma rápida y precisa de objetos de tamaño mediano.

Artec Space Spider

Una solución metrológica, perfecta para capturar objetos pequeños para aplicaciones CAD y más