Soluzioni di scansione 3D

Come Artec 3D sta sostenendo l'Ucraina

Artec 3D scanners take the stage at the DMS show

| INTEX (Osaka, Japan)
DMS Kansai 2023

What: DMS Osaka
When: Oct. 4-6, 2023
Where: Booth 7-65, INTEX Osaka, Japan

DMS Osaka, the largest manufacturing trade show in Western Japan, invites manufacturing industry professionals and specialists from design, information systems, production engineering, and quality management to discover new possibilities and support industry growth. The expo is an all-in-one platform for many kinds of IT services and products, including CAD and other 3D measurement solutions, such as CAE and ERP. An excellent environment for industry experts, this B2B event has the potential to encourage growth and networking for many businesses with its impressive list of exhibitors, lively professional discussions, and exclusive, cutting-edge innovations on display.

While exploring all the opportunities offered, don’t forget to touch base with experts from DataDesign, an Artec 3D Ambassador. You can find them at Booth 7-65 where they’ll be ready to demo the latest Artec 3D technology as well as offer recommendations on Artec 3D’s portable scanners and smart user-friendly software.

At DMS, you will have a chance to get acquainted with Artec Leo, the fastest professional 3D scanner in the Artec line-up, and one that gives you full mobility when scanning medium-sized to large industrial objects. The wireless Leo boasts an in-built touch screen and processes data onboard in real time, making your workflow absolutely intuitive. Up next on display is Artec Eva, perfect for quickly capturing medium-sized objects in full color. Based on structured-light scanning technology, Eva creates high-quality scans, easily dealing with shiny or black surfaces.

For small or very small industrial objects with fine details, consider Artec Space Spider, a powerful 3D scanner renowned for its high levels of precision. The portable Space Spider can scan with up to 0.05 mm accuracy, never missing any intricate detail.

On the other side of the size spectrum, scanning huge industrial objects and parts is what Artec Ray II was made for. Quality control and BIM will never be the same with Ray II. This long-range laser scanner reduces noise levels to a bare minimum and makes the process of scanning a room, a building, or a massive industrial machine easy like never before.

There’s a lot to discover at DMS Osaka to keep you at the top of your game while staying on top of industry news. To see demos from leading brands, find ideas for your business upgrade, or simply to chat with the industry’s pacesetters, register and request a ticket here.