FAQ Kinect

What devices are supported by Artec Studio 10 Ultimate apart from Artec scanners?

Artec Studio 10 supports ASUS Xtion, Xtion PRO and Xtion PRO LIVE, Kinect for Windows v1 and v2, PrimeSense Carmine 1.08 and 1.09, Intel RealSense F200 (IVCAM) and Intel RealSense R200 (DS4) sensors.

Is Kinect for Xbox / Xbox One supported?

Yes, it is supported in Artec Studio, but we cannot guarantee that it will work correctly on all computers, because it was originally developed only for Xbox. Please download Artec Studio 10 Ultimate Trial and test it on your device to make sure that all drivers have been installed correctly on your machine.

What are the recommended lighting conditions when scanning with a sensor?

Because sensors have no built-in flash to capture texture, much depends on ambient (available) light. To achieve good texture results, it is recommended to use external uniform light, such as that which is used at a photographer’s studio.

What are the recommended specs for the computer?

Hardware requirements can be found here.

What drivers should I install for my sensor?

You will be offered to select the type of your sensor during the Artec Studio installation, and the system will install the necessary drivers. Detailed instructions can be found here.

Is anything else needed for Artec Studio 10 Ultimate besides driver installation?

You may need to upgrade the firmware of the ASUS Xtion Pro Live sensor or edit the configuration file of ASUS Xtion or Carmine PrimeSense. Please find the respective instructions for this here and here.

Where can I find the release notes of Artec Studio 10?

You can find a full list of new features here.

What kind of guidelines do you provide with your software?

Artec Studio comes with a thorough user’s manual, which can be accessed in the Help menu or by pressing F1. How-to videos can be found in the Gallery on the company website. You can also contact the Artec Help Center via this link.

Still have questions?

Please click on 'Support' in the right part of the screen, type your question, and we’ll be glad to help you.