FAQ Kinect

What devices are supported by Artec Studio 9?

We support ASUS Xtion, ASUS Xtion Pro, ASUS Xtion Pro Live, Kinect for Windows and 3D sensors like Carmine 1.08 and Carmine 1.09.

And do you support Kinect 4 XBox?

Yes, it is supported in Artec Studio, but we can not guarantee that it will work correctly on all computers as originally it was developed only for XBox (more information can be found here).
Please download Artec Studio 9 Trial and test with your device to make sure that all drivers are installed correctly on your machine.

What are recommended specs for computer?

Hardware requirements can be found here.
Please note that Intel videocards are not supported, please use Nvidia or ATI instead.

Is Windows 8 supported?

Yes, it is supported. Please make sure that you install Artec Studio and all drivers for your sensor as administrator.

Can I register multiple accounts at my.artec3d.com?

Yes, you can, but it is much more preferable to register 1 account per person/company.

Can I test your trial version on another machine?

Sure, we can provide any number of licenses for testing purposes. Please send your request to support@artec-group.com and specify how many licenses you will need and we'll assign them to your my.artec3d.com account.

What is activation?

Activation is Artec Studio license connected with hardware information of your computer. 1 activation = 1 license = 1 computer.

What drivers should I install for my sensor?

You will choose type of your sensor during Artec Studio installation and system will install necessary drivers (usually it is OpenNI 2.0 for your ASUS sensor or Microsoft Sdk for Kinect).
Full instruction can be found here.

I am using Kinect for Windows and have SDK 1.5. already installed on my machine. Will it work in Artec Studio or should I update?

No, it will not work with Artec Studio 9.2. Please upgrade to SDK version 1.8.

Is there anything else needed for Artec Studio 9.2. + ASUS except drivers installation?

Yes, you will need to update the firmware of your ASUS to make it work with OpenNI 2.0.
Instruction and all necessary links can be found here.

Where can I find the release notes of Artec Studio 9?

You can find full list of new features here

What kind of user's guides do you provide for your software?

User's manual is available in 'Help' menu of Artec Studio (or just press F1). Also we have several “how-to” videos that are shown at Artec Studio startup (full sequence of actions and explanation of most part of parameters are shown there).

Do you support 32-bit OS?

Artec Studio 9.0/9.1. support 32-bit OS. Starting from Artec Studio 9.2. they are not supported.

Still have questions?

Please use 'Support' section in the right part of the screen, type your question and will be glad to help.