19 December 2014

3D digitalization of Sicily’s Morgantina treasure

A total of 16 unique silver items from a hoard dating back to Ancient Greece have been 3D scanned with Artec Spider.

18 December 2014

News from Artec – an interview with Leonid Volkov

In an interview with 3Druck.com, Artec’s CBDO Leonid Volkov talks about the Shapify Booth full-body scanner.

11 December 2014

Shapify Booth in The Times

Artec’s full-body 3D scanner, the Shapify Booth, has been introduced to The Times readers.

10 December 2014

Artec presents the world’s first full-body 3D scanner, Shapify Booth, in the Czech Republic

The Shapify Booth will be making 3D portraits at Prague’s annual Christmas Fair from December 11 till 14.

04 December 2014

The Digital Soane: How Artec 3D scanners bring together new technologies and contemporary art

The Royal College of Art and Sir John Soane’s Museum announced the winning designs of the Digital Soane competition.

04 December 2014

President Obama in 3D

U.S. President Barack Obama is 3D scanned with Artec Eva to make the first ever 3D presidential portrait

25 November 2014

Shapify Booth launched in Dayton, OH

Dayton TV channel, Fox 45, has interviewed David Esrati from Doppelganger Laboratories who are operating the Shapify Booth unveiled at the Dayton Mall on November 18.

24 November 2014

EuroMold: Artec to present full-body 3D scanning booth in Germany

Artec’s Shapify Booth takes just 12 seconds to make a full-body scan, which can then be used to create a 3D printed figurine of the person

21 November 2014

Young French Maker 3D Prints a Replica of His Fiancée

A life-size model made with the Shapify Booth has been printed out in France

19 November 2014

Eva helps produce a 3D-printed prosthesis of the gastrocnemius muscle

A team of engineers used Artec Eva to create a 3D-model of a girl’s leg for designing a tailor-made prosthesis of the gastrocnemius muscle

18 November 2014

Artec Scanning SDK and automated scanning: Artec Spider operated by a robot shows excellent, error-free scanning results

An international group of researchers have used Artec Scanning SDK and Artec Spider mounted to a robotic arm to develop a new automated scanning method which produces 3D models of great quality even when scanning small objects with complicated geometry.

17 November 2014

Dayton Mall Offers First 3D Selfies to Shoppers

Artec and Doppelganger Laboratories feature Artecs Shapify 3D Body Scanning Booth

14 November 2014

New Artec Shapify Booth video released

Artec is excited to present a new video of Shapify Booth, the first automatic 3D body scanning system to make high-resolution scans in seconds and 3D models in minutes

03 November 2014

Asda starts roll out of Artec Shapify Booth at supercenters across UK

Asda customers at stores across the UK are offered a chance to create their 3D printed figurines using Artec’s Shapify 3D selfie technology

28 October 2014

Artec Group and Threeding Team up to 3D Scan Museum Historical Artifacts

Threeding will use Artec 3D scanning technology to scan historical artifacts from leading Central and Eastern European museums

22 October 2014

Artec Group and Autodesk announce collaboration over integrating Autodesk Reality Computing software and Artec’s Eva and Spider

Artec’s handheld scanners will be integrated in Autodesk’s Project Memento to provide users with an end-to-end, all-in-one solution for converting any reality capture input into high-resolution 3D mesh models.

21 October 2014

Artec Debuts World’s First 3D Full Body Scanning Booth in the U.S.

Shapify Booth is introduced to the U.S. market at the Inside 3D Printing show in Stata Clara, California
16 October 2014

Scanning artifacts at a major Peruvian history museum

The Peruvian Ministry of Culture launched a heritage conservation project through which 3D models of Inca vessels and modern Peruvian works of art, scanned with Artec Eva, will be made available to the public, including as part of a 3D reconstruction of an Inca palace
09 October 2014

Shapify Booth at Autodesk Gallery pop-up in Paris

Artec is showcasing its Shapify Booth at a specially curated exhibition by Autodesk this October focusing on the latest innovations in the world of 3D
03 October 2014

Artec’s partner opens one of the largest 3D technology showrooms in the world

Guests and residents of Copenhagen can now visit 3D Printhuset, a brand-new 3D technology showroom that opened in the city center in early October
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