11 September 2015

3D You - A new Shapify scanning point in the Middle East

Dubai joins the family of Shapify scanning points as the 3D You studio goes operational.

03 September 2015

New Shapify Booth location opens in the Lone Star State allowing Houstonians to 3D print themselves

Artec 3D’s 360 degree body scanning booth lands in Space City to create detailed, full-color replica mini-me figurines of locals.

01 September 2015

Artec Hot Swap - A free loaner as a backup plan

Artec announces a new service to ensure the user can continue their work if their scanner needs sending away for repairs.

18 August 2015

Threeding uses Artec 3D scanners to add historical museum of Stara Zagora relics to collection of 3D printable models

A 3D printing marketplace uses professional-grade scanners to digitally capture Eastern European history in high resolution and vibrant color.

06 August 2015

Arnold Schwarzenegger 3D scanned for Terminator Genisys

Legacy Effects use an Artec 3D scanner to bring Terminator Genisys into the real world.

23 July 2015

Comprehensive Artec Studio 10 video tutorial

Artec’s North American partners ScanSource show step-by-step how to 3D scan with Artec Spider and post-process the data in Artec Studio 10.

13 July 2015

The first Shapify Booth in Kuwait to be unveiled Wednesday night

Kuwait’s Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs is expected to attend the launch of a Shapify Booth at the local Al-Raya shopping center.

02 July 2015

Threeding digitizes artwork from Bulgaria’s landmark cathedral

Artec Eva and Spider are used to create 3D models of artifacts housed at St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia.

29 June 2015

Robotic arm scans motorcycle engine with Artec Spider

Artec’s Norwegian clients Nornet create a custom-made scanning setup, mounting a Spider scanner to a UR5 robot.

16 June 2015

Learn the ropes of 3D modeling through HoneyPoint3D online course

A 3D scanning, modeling and printing service company from Oakland, CA is developing an online course to teach students how to use Meshmixer, Autodesk’s free sculpting program.

03 June 2015

Hot deal on Artec products – Discounts for case studies

Share your 3D scanning experience with us and get 10% off a future purchase!

22 May 2015

What it feels like to be scanned in Shapify Booth

Four recent TV reports from NBC, Fox and ABC News take you through the shapie making process step by step.

18 May 2015

Singers bidding to win Eurovision 2015 get scanned with Artec Eva

Artec’s partner BeIn3D has scanned Eurovision 2015 participants and printed out their shapies.

30 April 2015

Choose your edition and license of upgraded Artec Studio

With the release of Artec Studio 10, Artec introduces new licensing policies.

29 April 2015

State-of-the-art 3D scanner Space Spider and Artec Studio 10 software released

Artec’s new enhanced handheld 3D scanner Space Spider and upgraded powerful software suite Artec Studio 10 ensure the most enjoyable scanning experience and unparalleled results.

08 April 2015

Artec 3D teams up with Mirror Image 3D to bring 3D selfies to the Garden State

Artec’s Shapify 3D body scanning booth allows shoppers to create one-of-a-kind memento or perfect gift.

26 March 2015

Injured toucan is one step closer to getting a new 3D printed beak

A male toucan named Grecia, which had a part of its beak broken off by a gang of youths, has been scanned with Artec Spider to create a prosthetic replacement.

17 March 2015

A 3D printed glowing bust makes its debut at Austria’s most famous theater

A theater prop, unthinkable just a few years ago, goes on stage with the help of Artec Eva.

16 February 2015

National Museum of Military History of Bulgaria and Threedingcom to digitize military artifacts in 3D

Bulgaria’s National Museum of Military History, Threeding.com, Artec 3D and Vesk Consult team up to unravel military history in 3D.

14 February 2015

Artec Spider named the best hardware exhibited at SolidWorks 2015

The world’s #1 web portal for mechanical computer aided design, MCADCafé, has named Spider the best hardware showcased at SolidWorks World 2015.

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