3D Scanner for fun

Artec Studio + sensor

A 3D sensor like Kinect combined with Artec Studio is an easy way to get started with 3D scanning for less than €700. Whether you are experimenting before purchasing a professional scanner or simply want to scan for fun or as a hobby, this is the way to go.

Artec Studio will allow you scan an object, post-process it, fill the holes, erase data, take measurements, export data and even share with your friends and colleagues for free on a dedicated website at viewshape.com.​

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Make Scans

Smooth & Optimize

Export the result

Want to use your Kinect sensor as a 3D scanner? Artec Studio is the answer. It was designed to work with Microsoft Kinect for XBox/Windows and Asus Xtion/Xtion Pro Live and other sensors based on Primesense technology.

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