Artec 3D showroom opening

07 February 2014

We’re proud to open the doors to our first showroom in the heart of Palo Alto, headquarters to the most successful hi-tech companies in the world.

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Artec Group Launches Winter Promotion

23 January 2014

Up to 20% off for Artec scanners and scanner bundles.

Experience leading quality in the niche of hand-held, very accurate and affordable 3D scanners. 

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Create Your Realistic Mini-Me in 3D Figurine – from Home, 3Dfy Yourself!

18 December 2013

Artec Group has launched the first 3D-scanning and printing service available at home. Artec has announced a new, very cool cloning service for people with Microsoft Kinect for Windows equipment. Kinect users can individually scan themselves, friends and family, upload the scan to the website ( and receive a 3D figurine sent to their address. This isn’t a 3D image – it’s a solid, 3D figurine, like a miniature statue – looking just like you, only smaller.

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Artec and British Royalty

01 November 2013

We’ve scanned them all: Hollywood actors, sport celebrities, extravagant fashion designers. But this is a first for Artec…

On a tour of Elstree Film and Television Studios in June, Britain’s Prince Andrew got curious at all the hustle and bustle happening in the corner. Fascinated by the strange process, he expressed an interest in trying it out himself.  Lifecast/Life3D studio team quickly executed his facial scan with Artec Eva.

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Big Bang Theory turns to 3D technologies

07 October 2013

Are you fan of the Big Bang Theory? We are! Those geeky, nerdy, awkward, but lovable guys often remind us! And last season on the show, those boys finally caught up with us. They stumbled onto 3D scanning/printing.
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Artec Studio 9.2 is out! Introducing Auto-align tool and much more…

20 September 2013

We are excited to announce the release of Artec Studio 9.2. This release constitutes a major leap forward for our software and includes features that we have been working on for many years.
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Our special summer offer!

01 August 2013

Don't miss our bright summer offer! Add more color to your life and get your Eva Lite upgraded to Eva for a special price! Visit our online shop or contact your sales manager for more details. Offer valid from August'01 through October, 31 2013.

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Scanning Brazilian National Football team

18 June 2013

Artec scanners were used to create realistic 3D models of Brazilian National Football team players for an upcoming multimedia project produced by Globo Internacional, a mass media group of Latin America. The details of the project will be unveiled soon but we couldn’t wait to share some insight information.
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Artec is proud to announce the official release of Artec Spider

03 June 2013

Artec is proud to announce the official release of Artec Spider - an affordable, precise 3D scanner designed for CAD users.
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Artec Studio 9.1 released

01 May 2013

New version of Artec Studio is now available to download!

We reviewed all the feedback from our customers and partners and have added some changes and features in new release of Artec Studio 9. These features will make the process of scanning and post-processing much faster and more convenient for you! 

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Eva's accuracy

17 April 2013

We don't throw around empty promises here, at Artec. Our technical specifications were not one-time, laboratory achievements. From now on, every Artec Eva 3D Scanner will come with a certificate of accuracy which complies with well-known and respected VDI/VDE standards of testing.
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Eva and Elizabeth: Artec scanners help create official commercial of Bioshock Infinite

16 April 2013

Artec Eva 3D scanner was used to create and to successfully bring to life Elizabeth, one of the main characters in Bioshock Infinite, for its internationally run television commercial.
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Artec integrates AICON’s photogrammetry solution

16 April 2013

Artec Group is proud to announce the integration of AICON 3D Systems' photogrammetry tool with Artec 3D scanners.

Artec will integrate AICON's ScanReference photogrammetry solution with Artec Eva and Spider 3D scanners. This will allow users to attain higher accuracy in their results which then can be used in such industrial spheres as quality assurance, mass production and metrology.

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Introducing Artec Spider

02 April 2013

New 3D Scanner from Artec Group

Don't be scared! Be excited! The Spider is coming! We are proud to announce the unveiling of Artec "Spider" 3D Scanner at the Control show in Stuttgart, Germany (May 14-17, 2013).

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Artec on NBC news

21 March 2013

Artec was featured on NBC Bay Area nighty news. The NBC crew visited our office in Palo Alto, California and interviewed Artem Yukhin, Artec President.
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Winter Fun contest. Winners announced!

19 March 2013

Winter Fun with Kinect/Eva contest has ended.

And we can't wait to share the results!

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Artec Helps Create Customers at Conceptual Japanese Pop-Up Store

26 February 2013

3D scanning and 3D printing are innovative technologies that complement each other and both were used in a project by Party, Inc.-- "Omote 3D Shashin Kan." The Artec MHT scanner allowed Party, a "creative lab" based in Tokyo and New York, to realize their idea of a pop-up photo booth.
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Artec helps swimmers win!

19 February 2013

Recent debate about swimsuits worn by competitive swimmers has led to technical improvements that enhance performance, as reflected in the great number of records that have been set using such suits. In a sport where fractions of seconds count, buoyancy, resistance in the water and technical design of suits are of utmost importance. 
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Winter Fun with Kinect contest

28 January 2013

Having celebrated Christmas and New Year, we'd thought why can't we extend those festive feelings and ask the most creative folks out there to do something extraordinary.Today we’re announcing Winter Fun with Kinect contest inviting the Kinect owners around the world to create their own 3d models with our free fabulous Artec Studio software, designed specifically for Kinect, ASUS Xtion, Primesense sensors or our Eva 3D scanner. The main theme for scanned objects is winter. Snowmen, Santa and his elves, Xmas trees - think of winter to get inspired.
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Artec Group and OpenNI are proud to announce the joining of forces

28 January 2013

Artec Group released Artec Studio and Artec Welcome - two free demo applications that turn affordable 3D sensors (PrimeSense, MS Kinect or Asus Xtion) into a powerful 3D scanner or precise biometric device correspondingly.
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