Artec Eva

Fast 3D scanner for professionals

  • Named best 3D scanner under $50,000 by iReviews.

This structured-light 3D scanner is the ideal choice for making quick, textured, and accurate 3D models of medium-sized objects such as a human bust, an alloy wheel, or a motorcycle exhaust system. It scans quickly, capturing precise measurements in high resolution.

Light, fast, and versatile, Eva is our most popular scanner and a market leader in handheld 3D scanners. Based on safe-to-use structured-light scanning technology, it is an excellent all-around solution for capturing objects of almost any kind, including objects with black and shiny surfaces.

US $19,800

Please note that the prices displayed on our website are the Recommended Retail Prices. They do not include taxes, import fees or any other additional costs that may apply, depending on the location of your business. We suggest you contact an authorized Artec reseller in your city, state or country to check the specific prices in your region.

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Artec Eva
2 Year Warranty

Bestselling handheld 3D scanner on the market

Up to 0.1mm accuracy with no need for targets

AI‑powered HD Mode
for Eva and Leo scanners

Learn about HD Mode
  • Work with 3D data on your browser
  • View, collaborate, and process on the go
  • Stay connected when working remotely
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Artec Eva technical specs

3D accuracy

Up to 0.1 mm

3D resolution

Up to 0.2 mm

Object size

Starting from 10 cm

Full color scanning


Target-free tracking

Hybrid geometry and color based

3D reconstruction rate

16 FPS

Output formats

All popular formats, including STL, OBJ, and PLY

Weight of scanner

0.9 kg

The best structured light 3D scanner


for making a fast, accurate 3D model



Scan the object

Scan the object

Fuse & Optimize

Fuse and optimize the object

Texturize & Export

Texturize and Export the 3D model

How it works

Artec 3D scanners & applications

Customizing, innovating and streamlining a wide range of different industries

Reverse engineering
  • Product design
  • Customisation
  • 3D documentation
Industrial applications of 3D scanners
  • Reverse engineering
  • Quality control
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Aerospace
Applications of 3D scanners in healthcare
  • Orthopedics
  • Prosthetics
  • Plastic surgery
  • Custom wheelchairs
Applications of 3D scanners in science and education
  • Research
  • Training
  • Online museums
Applications of 3D scanners in art and design
  • Heritage preservation
  • Architecture
  • CGI
  • Fashion

Industry-standard handheld 3D scanner

Artec Eva’s ease of use, speed and precision has made it an essential product for a wide range of industries. From rapid prototyping to quality control, CGI to heritage preservation, the automotive industry to forensics, medicine and prosthetics to aerospace, the device is used to customize, innovate and streamline countless forward-thinking industries. Eva was even used to scan Barack Obama and help make the very first 3D portrait of an American president.

Structured light 3D scanner

Fast capturing speed

16 fps

Capturing and simultaneously processing up to an impressive 18 million points per second, Eva also provides high accuracy — up to 0.1 mm.

High 3D resolution

0.2 mm

Scan in brilliant color and high 3D resolution

Texture resolution

1.3 Mpx

Make full color 3D replicas of your object

Tablet and battery compatible for true portability

Link up the 0.85 kg 3D scanner to a tablet and the Artec battery pack, which provides up to 6 hours of power, and you can scan practically anywhere, even in areas where there is no source of electricity.

Safe to use

Eva uses white structured light technology, making it totally safe for scanning people, as well as inanimate objects.

No targets & calibration. Just point and shoot

No need for preparation, just plug in the scanner and point it around the object as you would with a video camera. Simple.

Bundling and easy integration

For capturing larger 3D objects or for creating an automatic scanning system, several scanners can be bundled and synced together. You can also integrate the scanners into your own customized solutions using the free of charge Artec Scanning SDK.

Powerful hybrid geometry and texture tracking and capture

Eva is able to read both the geometry and color of the object being 3D scanned. As a result, it collects two sets of data by which to track and perform data processing.

  • Easier, smoother 3D scanning
  • Faster processing of 3D data
  • Achieve best possible results with geometry and texture data combined
  • Scan even large, featureless objects using color differentiation
  • Option to scan with targets
White light 3D scanner



Got a question about Artec Eva 3D scanner?

What is HD Mode for Artec Eva?

HD is a scanning mode powered by artificial intelligence algorithms that allows you to create sharper, cleaner, and far more detailed 3D models with a resolution 2X higher than the original SD data. In HD Mode, a resolution of up to 0.2 mm can be achieved, and your Eva can capture much smaller and thinner elements, hard-to-reach areas, black and shiny surfaces and other parts that were difficult or impossible to capture before. HD Mode is available for Leo and Eva scanners running Artec Studio 15.1 or higher.

Visit here for more information about HD Mode.

Is Artec Eva safe for scanning people and animals?

Yes! Eva uses white structured light technology, which is absolutely safe for scanning any living creature. To get the best results, make sure that the person or animal holds their pose for the entire scanning process to avoid any artifacts or noise on the final model. Animals, fidgety as they tend to be, are often very tricky to capture so we recommend scanning them while they sleep.

To learn more about scanning people with Artec Eva, visit our Support Center.

Does Artec Eva need targets or calibration?

No. Eva requires neither targets nor calibration to get started. The scanner uses powerful hybrid geometry and texture tracking to capture the objects in 3D — even those with minimal features. Eva collects two sets of data by which to track and perform processing, which results in much easier, faster, and smoother 3D scanning, as well as faster 3D data processing in comparison to scanners that require targets for scanning.

Smart and easy 3D data processing software

Enjoy the full range of advanced tools with the most comprehensive 3D data processing software available today.

Working with 3D scanning data has never been easier thanks to the smart Autopilot mode which ensures the most seamless workflow for new and experienced users alike, by automatically guiding them through all of the processing steps. This revolutionary mode applies the best possible algorithms to your scan data in order to build a perfect 3D model right before your eyes.

Manual mode is also available, giving users absolute control over advanced tools. Whether you use Autopilot or manual mode, Artec Studio will create high-quality 3D models suitable for export to CAD, 3D printing and more.

Scan-to-CAD features for inspection and engineering

Get the best results effortlessly with the smart Autopilot mode

Photorealistic texture for your scan data

Artec Studio 17 3D software

Artec Eva Lite

Entry level professional scanner

A budget version of our best-selling 3D object scanner with reduced functionality, but the same accuracy specs. No color tracking or capture. Suitable for scanning geometrically rich objects only.

US $9,800
How to buy   or   
 Artec EvaArtec Eva LiteArtec Space SpiderArtec LeoArtec Micro
EvaEva LiteSpace SpiderLeoMicro
Scanner typeHandheldHandheldHandheldHandheldDesktop
3D point accuracy, up to0.1 mm0.1 mm0.05 mm0.1 mm0.01 mm
3D resolution, up to0.2 mm0.5 mm0.1 mm0.2 mm0.029 mm
3D accuracy over distance, up to0.1 mm + 0.3 mm/m0.1 mm + 0.3 mm/m0.05 mm + 0.3 mm/m0.1 mm + 0.3 mm/m
HD ModeYesNoN/AYesN/A
Hybrid geometry and texture trackingYesNoYesYesN/A
Data processing algorithmsGeometry and texture basedGeometry basedGeometry and texture basedGeometry and texture basedGeometry based
Working distance0.4 – 1 m0.4 – 1 m0.2 – 0.3 m0.35 – 1.2 m
Volume capture zone61,000 cm³61,000 cm³2,000 cm³160,000 cm³324 cm³
Linear field of view, H×W @ closest range214 × 148 mm214 × 148 mm90 × 70 mm244 × 142 mm
Linear field of view, H×W @ furthest range536 × 371 mm536 × 371 mm180 × 140 mm838 × 488 mm
Angular field of view, H×W30 × 21°30 × 21°30 × 21°38.5 × 23°
Ability to capture textureYesNoYesYesYes
Texture resolution1.3 mp1.3 mp2.3 mp6.4 mp
Colors24 bpp24 bpp24 bpp24 bpp
3D reconstruction rate for real-time fusion, up to16 fps16 fps7.5 fps22 fps
3D reconstruction rate for 3D video recording, up to16 fps16 fps7.5 fps44 fps
3D reconstruction rate for 3D video streaming, up to80 fps
Data acquisition speed,
up to
18 mln points/s2 mln points/s1 mln points/s35 mln points/s1 mln points/s
3D exposure time0.0002 s0.0002 s0.0002 s0.0002 sCustomizable
2D exposure time0.00035 s0.00035 s0.0002 s0.0002 sCustomizable
3D light sourceFlashbulbFlashbulbBlue LEDVCSELBlue LED
2D light sourceWhite 12 LED arrayWhite 12 LED arrayWhite 6 LED arrayWhite 12 LED arrayRGB LED
Position sensorsBuilt-in 9 DoF inertial system
Display/touchscreenUSB streaming through external computerUSB streaming through external computerUSB streaming through external computerIntegrated 5.5" half HD, CTP. Optional Wi-Fi/Ethernet video streaming to external deviceUSB streaming through external computer
Multi-core processingOn external computerOn external computerOn external computerEmbedded processors: NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX2 Quad-core ARM® Cortex®-A57 MPCore Processor NVIDIA Maxwell™ 1 TFLOPS GPU with 256 NVIDIA® CUDA® CoresOn external computer
Interface1 × USB 2.0, USB 3.0 compatible1 × USB 2.0, USB 3.0 compatible1 × USB 2.0, USB 3.0 compatibleWi-Fi, Ethernet, SD cardUSB 3.0
Internal hard drive512 GB SSD
Computer requirementsVisit the Artec Support Center for detailed hardware requirements.
Supported OSWindows 7, 8 or 10 x64Windows 7, 8 or 10 x64Windows 7, 8 or 10 x64Scanning: No computer required
Data processing: Windows 7, 8, 10 x 64
Windows 10 x64
Recommended computer requirementsIntel Core i7 or i9, 64+ GB RAM, NVIDIA GPU with 8+ GB VRAM, CUDA 6.0+Intel Core i7 or i9, 32 GB RAM, GPU with 2 GB VRAMIntel Core i7 or i9, 32 GB RAM, GPU with 2 GB VRAMIntel Core i7 or i9, 64+ GB RAM, NVIDIA GPU with 8+ GB VRAM, CUDA 6.0+Intel Core i7 or i9, 64+ GB RAM, NVIDIA GPU with at least 3 GB VRAM, CUDA 3.5+
Minimum computer requirementsHD: Intel Core i7 or i9, 32 GB RAM, NVIDIA GPU with CUDA 6.0+ and at least 2 GB VRAM
SD: Intel Core i5, i7 or i9, 12 GB RAM, GPU with 2 GB VRAM
Intel Core i5, i7 or i9, 12 GB RAM, GPU with 2 GB VRAMIntel Core i5, i7 or i9, 18 GB RAM, GPU with 2 GB VRAMHD: Intel Core i7 or i9, 32 GB RAM, NVIDIA GPU with CUDA 6.0+ and at least 4 GB VRAM
SD: Intel Core i5, i7 or i9, 32 GB RAM, GPU with 2 GB VRAMA computer is needed only for data processing. Scanning does not require a computer.
Intel Core i5, i7 or i9, 32GB RAM, GPU with 2 GB VRAM
Output formats     
MeasurementsCSV, DXF, XML
Power source and dimensions     
Power sourceAC power
or external battery pack
AC power
or external battery pack
AC power
or external battery pack
Built-in exchangeable battery, optional AC powerAC power
Dimensions, H×D×W262 × 158 × 63 mm262 × 158 × 63 mm190 × 140 × 130 mm231 × 162 × 230 mm290 × 290 × 340 mm
Weight0.9 kg / 2 lb0.9 kg / 2 lb0.8 kg / 1.8 lb2.6 kg / 5.7 lb12 kg / 26.7 lb

Resolution is the ability of a scanning system to resolve detail in the object that is being scanned.

Accuracy is the ability of a measurement to match the actual value of the quantity being measured.

Accessories for Eva 3D scanner

Scanner equipment

Additional equipment designed especially to make working with our handheld 3D scanners even more mobile. For a seamless scanning experience wherever your location.

Battery pack

The Artec battery pack gives up to 6 hours of continuous scanning time. This means you can really take an Artec scanner anywhere and capture objects right in the field. Compatible with all Artec handheld scanners.

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Artec Eva hard case

Artec Eva hard case

Designed with Eva’s measurements in mind, this hard case will keep it safe during storage and transportation.

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Eva/Spider USB cable

Eva/Spider USB cable

A fully tested cable featuring the connector needed for your Artec scanner.

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Eva/Spider power supply

Eva/Spider power supply

1.8 m power supply developed exclusively for Artec 3D scanners for stable performance

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Artec USB Kit

Artec USB Kit

Maximize your Artec Eva or Space Spider’s FPS rate with a USB 3.1 to Thunderbolt 3 adapter and add a 5 m extension to your scanner’s USB cord for scanning over longer distances.

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Which 3D scanner?

Artec Micro

Metrology-grade desktop 3D scanner for quality control, inspection, jewelry, medical/dental components, etc.

Scanner type Desktop
Object size  
Typical object sizes: XS: <90x60x60 mm S: 5–20 cm M: 20–50 cm L: 50–200 cm XL: >200 cm
Accuracy up to 0.01 mm
Resolution up to 0.029 mm
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Artec Space Spider

A metrological structured-light 3D scanner, set apart with its ability to render complex geometry, sharp edges, and thin ribs in high precision.

Scanner type Handheld
Object size  
Typical object sizes: XS: <90x60x60 mm S: 5–20 cm M: 20–50 cm L: 50–200 cm XL: >200 cm
Accuracy up to 0.05 mm
Resolution up to 0.1 mm
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Artec Leo

User-friendly portable 3D scanner with an inbuilt touchscreen and intuitive UI for easy 3D scanning.

Scanner type Handheld
Object size  
Typical object sizes: XS: <90x60x60 mm S: 5–20 cm M: 20–50 cm L: 50–200 cm XL: >200 cm
M, L
Accuracy up to 0.1 mm
Resolution up to 0.2 mm
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Artec Ray

Powerful long-range laser 3D scanner with an inbuilt battery, for precise capture of large objects.

Scanner type Long Range
Object size  
Typical object sizes: XS: <90x60x60 mm S: 5–20 cm M: 20–50 cm L: 50–200 cm XL: >200 cm
Accuracy up to 0.0125°
Learn more
Shapify Booth

One-click structured light 3D body scanner.

Scanner type Booth
Object size  
Typical object sizes: XS: <90x60x60 mm S: 5–20 cm M: 20–50 cm L: 50–200 cm XL: >200 cm
Accuracy 0.2 mm
Resolution up to 2 mm
Learn more