LIMESS Messtechnik u. Software GmbH

About the company

LIMESS Messtechnik und Software GmbH is one of the leading providers of high-end 3D solutions for businesses in various industries, working with well-known international high-tech brands, including Artec 3D. From the wide range of powerful Artec 3D scanners, the company exclusively offers Ray, a high precision laser 3D scanner which is able to precisely capture almost any object at a distance of up to 110m, making it an ideal industrial solution.

Along with professional 3D solutions, LIMESS experts are always ready to provide an in-depth technical consultation, personalised support and come up with customised set-ups to drastically reduce expenditure and time, while increasing productivity and optimising vital business processes.

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LIMESS Messtechnik u. Software GmbH

37, Gripswaldstr., 47804 Krefeld, Germany

t. +49 2151 36528 00