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About the company

The company was founded in 1995 by UK-based Delcam International in conjunction with an alliance of Russian factories. Its original name, Delcam Samara, was changed to DS Engineering in September 2016. The main objective of DS Engineering is the implementation of advanced production technologies in enterprises across Russia, with a special focus on accuracy. DS Engineering offers a wide range of software products, coordinate measuring machines and 3D scanners of world-renowned brands, such as Artec 3D. These best in class tools are vital for optimizing workflows. Training facilities for the company’s staff have been set up in Samara and other cities across Russia, with many more still to come. Along with supplying businesses with software for a wide range of uses, including 3D scanning, the company provides reliable and prompt technical support that allows the clients of the DS Engineering to optimize their production processes and increase profits. The company’s highly skilled technical specialists are always happy to demonstrate the benefits and usability of 3D scanners and other solutions,, including 3D modelling complex-shaped parts. DS Engineering also creates mathematical models of different complexity and produces vehicle parts, as well as design elements of their interior and exterior. The cost of manufacturing of these parts can be rather high and the process itself can be quite time-consuming, however, thanks to high-tech solutions such as precise 3D scanners and DELCAM software, these factors are successfully dealt with.

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