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About the company

Globatek.3D is a reputable supplier of professional 3D equipment, including 3D scanning and printing solutions. With its head office located in Moscow, Globatek.3D is the official distributor of high-tech 3D equipment such as 3D printers, scanners and industrial machines for Russia and the CIS. Globatek.3D’s main objective is to supply businesses with innovative equipment, including professional solutions for 3D scanning, which contribute to the optimization of production and research processes by reducing costs, accelerating new product development and expanding the boundaries of creativity.

Collaborating with many businesses in industries such as aerospace, defence and industrial production, Globatek.3D offers personalized 3D scanning and printing solutions on either all or selected stages of the production chain. The company’s qualified experts in 3D printers and scanners are always happy to offer their professional support and advice when choosing equipment, guaranteeing the optimal choice. An individual approach to each client allows the staff to find exactly the right model and offer a complete set of 3D scanning and printing solutions which meet all requirements for the task in question. As a member of the Globatek Group JSC, an established association of commercial, industrial and service companies dealing in 3D technology and industrial equipment, Globatek.3D follows uniform standards of product quality and service and provides its customers with the most advanced 3D equipment and the most favorable conditions.

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3D.Globatek: Client Success Stories

The manufacturing company relies on Artec Eva for quality control and to ensure reliable accuracy in their products.


Varshavskoye Shosse 42, Moscow, 115230, Russia

t. +7 (495) 212 0811,
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