Artec’s partner opens one of the largest 3D technology showrooms in the world

Oct 03, 2014

Artec Group, a leading manufacturer of professional 3D scanning solutions, is pleased to announce that our new Danish partner, Henrik Lund-Nielsen, has opened one of the world’s largest showrooms for 3D printing and scanning technologies, 3D Printhuset, in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Housed in 3,000-square meter premises in downtown Copenhagen, 3D Printhuset (3D Printing House in Danish) stocks a wide range of 3D scanners, printers, 3D-printed products, parts and accessories from leading international manufacturers, including Artec’s Eva and Spider scanners.

3D Printhuset will hold courses and workshops for the public and offer its customers an opportunity to try out 3D scanners and print out 3D models.

“Denmark has always been fast to adopt new technologies, but for some reason Denmark has been quite passive on the 3D print scene until now,” said Jim Larsen, the manager of 3D Printhuset. “New technology like personal printing needs to be seen to be believed. By making the technology accessible in a broad scale to the general public, we want to change this and we aim to become the hub for 3D printing in Denmark.”

The opening ceremony was attended by some 100 guests, including Danish Higher Education and Science Minister Sofie Carsten Nielsen, who cut the red ribbon. The highlight of the evening was presenting Minister Nielsen with two 3D printed figurines of herself – she visited the showroom a week before to be scanned with Eva by Artec’s Denis Baev, who came to 3D Printhuset to train its staff.

“I had the honor to represent Artec at the inauguration event, which was a great opportunity to meet with other industry experts and business partners,” said Leonid Volkov, the head of Business Development at Artec. “The launch of 3D Printhuset expands our representation in the Nordic market and promotes the use of 3D technology in this region.”

About Artec Group

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