Win your 3D printed bust at Central Scanning roadshow

Central Scanning are doing their best to bring 3D technologies to every corner of Britain. After Nottingham and Manchester, the Central Scanning roadshow will be making a stop at Milton Keynes, where the team will hold a workshop demoing the capabilities of 3D scanning and printing solutions for business optimization.

The workshop will feature live demonstrations, including of Artec Eva and Spider, perfect scanners for applications such as reverse engineering, prototyping and quality control, to name a few. Artec 3D scanners capture the most intricate details of small and medium-sized objects in unparalleled quality.

Alongside Eva and Spider the Central Scanning team will be showcasing Scan Reference, which is a portable 3D measuring tool that uses a high resolution digital camera for data collection. Scan Reference further increases the accuracy of Artec scanners for larger objects, enabling Artec 3D data to be flawlessly aligned over the entire volume scanned. It also allows for featureless parts to be scanned easily.

The Milton Keynes event will not only offer a great chance to rub shoulders with industry pros and ask them questions about 3D technologies – Central Scanning will also hold a raffle, putting up a 3D printed bust of the winner as the prize. The 3D model of the bust will be made onsite using Artec Eva. Be sure to book a free ticket in advance!

Where: Horwood House (Mursley Road, Milton Keynes, MK17 0PH, UK)

When: 09:00 to 12:30 (BST), April 13

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