TechniShow 2020: Unmissable opportunity to meet with an Artec 3D Ambassador

Have you met Edwin Rappard yet? If you have, the mention of his name probably evokes nothing but pleasant memories. If you haven’t, you might be wondering who Edwin Rappard is and why you’re being asked.

So let’s lift the veil. Edwin Rappard is someone to turn to if you need a 3D scanning, reverse engineering, or CAD solution. Based in the town of Emmen, the Netherlands, Edwin heads Artec 3D Ambassador 4C Creative CAD CAM Consultants. He has been with Artec 3D since the company’s early days; he knows our products inside out, delivering outstanding support to his clients and being trusted with representing the company.

Looking at the map, you can notice that Emmen, where 4C is headquartered, is relatively far from the main Dutch cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and The Hague. Distance, however, is no obstacle to Edwin. Whenever a prospective customer needs it, he packs up his demo units and sets off for their location, ready to brief them about best-in-class Artec 3D products and bundled industry-standard software.

In the middle of March, Edwin will be leaving his home town for one full week to demo Artec 3D scanners at TechniShow 2020, the main industrial production expo across the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg. If you also plan to be at the venue, be sure to check out 4C’s stand. It’s there that you’ll be able to try out any scanner from Artec 3D’s product line. And customer success stories from Edwin are sure to amaze you. His clients have scanned ships for the Dutch Royal Navy, 3D digitized huge sets of dinosaur bones, developed leading-edge exoskeletons – you name it. Edwin can offer the best-fitting 3D scanning solution for any field, from industrial production and quality control to research and science.

And, of course, Edwin is highly skilled in training novice users on 3D scanners. That’s one of the major reasons why clients like him. Let Edwin show you how to capture a small mechanical part with either desktop Micro or handheld Space Spider in no time. Ask him to scan you with either best-selling Eva or next-generation Leo, or both scanners, to compare the scanning process and results. Or if you’re interested in having a really big object such as a building 3D scanned, you can arrange a demo of Ray while you’re there at the 4C stand.

Whichever Artec 3D scanner you choose, you are guaranteed to obtain highly accurate scans with it. Sets of scans can easily be processed into a watertight 3D model in Artec Studio and then exported to a CAD/CAM application. Artec 3D’s intuitive software has all the necessary tools for users of different experience levels to modify and optimize their scans without compromising on quality.

Artec 3D’s products can be bundled with professional Geomagic applications for reverse engineering, metrology, or efficient scan-to-CAD workflows, depending on your business needs. Currently offered at very lucrative prices, such bundles can be purchased through Artec 3D resellers. If you are interested in finding out how to leverage these powerful tools to your benefit, you have yet another reason to visit the 4C stand at TechniShow 2020. It’s there that you’ll meet the person who can best offer you a tailored solution for your specific needs.

Where: Booth 11.A015, Jaarbeurs exhibition and convention center, Utrecht, the Netherlands

When: September 1-4