Take your chance to try out any Artec 3D scanner you’d like at Industrie Paris 2020

Happen to be in Paris around the end of March/early April? Great! All that’s left to do is grab your croissant and head over to the Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center, France’s second-largest venue. (The largest one is a fantastic place, too, anytime of the year except this March 31 to April 3.)

So why be at the Paris Nord Villepinte then? Because Team Artec 3D is gearing up to meet you at Industrie Paris, France’s #1 expo showcasing everything connected with the world of manufacturing. All the latest and greatest tools and machines will be there on display, ready for you to check out firsthand.

Want to know what’s the latest and greatest in 3D scanning? Welcome to the Artec 3D stand! We’ll show you how to scan just about any object, no matter the size or how complex the surface. And some of those surfaces are pretty tough nuts to crack! Black, shiny, flexible – these can all be a nightmare for users of 3D scanners to deal with. Pretty much any 3D scanners but Artec 3D’s, that is. With Artec 3D, you can scan anything: from those black, shiny, and flexible dolphins (that’s right, dolphins, what on Earth could be more complicated?) to industrial parts with intricate geometries, thin edges, and more.

Unless the dolphins can make it over to the show in Paris, we’ll have to make do with industrial parts. Not a bad alternative, especially if you’re in the manufacturing business. We’re planning to have quite a few of those parts at our stand so anyone can practice scanning. But if you want to scan something specific, bring it along with you, right onto the show floor!

How about a tiny screw? Let Artec Micro handle it. A bigger-than-tiny screw? Artec Space Spider will do the job perfectly well. Undercarriage of a car? Take your pick between Eva and Leo. An airplane? Our scanner for airplanes is Ray. Zooming over to the exhibition grounds in your private jet? We can arrange a scanning session for it. We guarantee that you’ll be amazed at the level of accuracy and speed that Artec 3D scanners work at, just like our customers are, from NASA to Microsoft.

Scanners will not be the only exhibits at our stand, though. Want to see that Artec 3D truly caters to its customers’ needs? Check out our Turntable, which is a super convenient accessory for use with Space Spider. Whenever you think an object is too small to walk around it with your handheld scanner, just place it on this automated rotating platform and scan it from all angles. The well-thought-through design of its surface will make it almost impossible to ever lose tracking, which translates to the shortest possible scanning time.

And it’s not only perfect hardware that we make. Our software is just as seamless. We take our customer feedback seriously, and with every release, the post-processing workflow becomes that much faster and easier to breeze through. The most recent version of the software, Artec Studio 14, has been enhanced with an array of features including glare removal, which saves you hours of work, especially on larger projects. Bridges is another time-saver, letting you organically seal up holes in your scans whenever those may occur. And if you want to export your 3D model to SOLIDWORKS or AutoCAD, now you don’t need a go-between app – just use Artec Studio 14.

There are so many things to show you! Want to see for yourself? Come on by! You know the place and time.

Where: Stand 5F29, Hall 5, Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center, Paris, France

When: March 31 – April 3