Software development

3D Machine Learning Research and Development Engineer

Job description:

  • Develop innovative Machine Learning algorithms for various problems in 3D data processing ranging from 3D Matching and Similarity to 3D Reconstruction, Recognition and Scene Understanding
  • Design and optimize the performance of ML algorithms for specific 3D sensors, hardware and stack of software technologies
  • Investigate the industrial and academic technological trends on 3D Machine Learning and 3D Deep Learning, sensor intelligence, and related technologies
  • Investigate design approaches, prototype new technology, and evaluate technical feasibility for state-of-the-art ML and DL algorithms
  • Collect and analyze big data specific for the task
  • Work in a team and collaborate with other colleagues to contribute into common knowledge base


  • 2D image processing, robust feature extraction. Related subjects: optical flow, SIFT/SURF, focus vs. motion blur, chromatic aberration, color space calibration.
  • 2D/3D robust feature tracking. Related subjects: optimal matching (LSH, KDTree, etc.), FPFH, RANSAC.
  • 3D point cloud fusion (Poisson, KinectFusion, etc.)
  • 2D/3D face recognition
  • 6DoF robot trajectory planning, collision detection, calibration
  • Large-scale nonlinear optimization of structure from motion and camera calibration problems. Related subjects: bundle adjustment, SLAM
  • Optimization of GPU algorithms
  • BRDF estimation of scan data & physically-based rendering
  • Analysis of raw scans to CAD conversion

Desired skills and expertise:

  • M.S. or Ph. D degree in the field of Computer Science or Engineering
  • Strong mathematical background in Сomputer Vision, Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  • Good coding skills Python and C++
  • Practical knowledge of ML/DL frameworks (scikit, tensorflow, pytorch, caffe, mxnet) 
  • Fluent English is required


  • Scientific publications on the topics of Computer Vision and Machine Learning
  • Industrial experience in ML development and productization
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills

We offer:

  • The position is based in Moscow or in Luxembourg
  • A fun, relaxed place to work and develop your own ideas and ambitions
  • Official salary, medical insurance
  • Catered lunches every workday
  • Flexible timetable
  • Corporate collection of board games

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