Fox skull

This small and fragile skull of a desert fox was scanned with Artec Space Spider. While the model looks complex, there were no challenging areas to scan - every hole, tooth, and crack on the bone was easy and fast to capture. The mandible and cranial sections were separate and were aligned during the post processing stage, and if you look closely, you can see that they aren't connected. By examining the 3D model closely, you can get a remarkable view of this specimen, including the many details of the molars, canines, foramen, orbital sockets, sinus and nasal cavities, and much more. The level of detail here is part of what makes Space Spider a proven choice among paleoanthropologists and archaeologists worldwide.

Scanning time: 
20 min
Processing time: 
20 min
Download 3D model:
OBJ [24.14 MB]
STL [16.07 MB]
PLY [19.14 MB]
WRL [33.65 MB]
BLEND [28.43 MB]