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3D Scanners

Artec L™ Artec L™ 3D resolution, up to:  1.0 mm
Weight:  2.3 kg / 5.1 lb
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Artec M™ Artec M™ 3D resolution, up to:  0.5 mm
Weight:  1.9 kg / 4.2 lb
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Reverse Engineering

Production processes often involve obtaining blueprints and CAD models based on a single part or fitting. On occasion, in moulding, for example, there may be a need for an associated part to be produced.

Artec 3D Scanner makes the process of Reverse Engineering significantly easier. First, the scanner generates a 3D model of the part, then, it uses specialized applications (such as Geomagic, Rapidform etc) to generate a CAD model based on an existing polygonal grid. Software that comes supplied with the scanner allows users to save 3D models in a number of widely used formats, which makes it considerably easier to transfer data between applications.

Most commonly used models: Artec S, Artec MH, Artec M, Artec L

Reverse Engineering