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3D Scanners

Artec L™ Artec L™ 3D resolution, up to:  1.0 mm
Weight:  2.3 kg / 5.1 lb
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Artec MH™ Artec MH™ 3D resolution, up to:  0.5 mm
Weight:  1.4 kg / 3.1 lb
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Creating an ergonomically correct chair, keyboard or joystick can be done by researching the natural position of the body during a particular task. This research can easily be done with the help of Artec 3D Scanner and its ability to digitize the human body in seconds.

Most commonly used models: Artec MH, Artec L


Computer graphics for the cinema and gaming industries

It’s no secret that computer graphics are widely used in the production of modern special effects. An accurate 3D model of an actor or an object can often make the difference between what is possible and what is not. In order to ensure that special effects are as authentic as possible, moviemakers are faced with a task of scanning actors in 3D. In modern cinema, this is essential.

Artec technology allows scanning an actor or a feature of a scene quickly and accurately, and this information can be used simply for reference, but can also make life much easier for 3D modelers. A highly polygonal scan can be used to construct a less polygonal animated model and to produce typical and displacement maps.

Artec 3D Scanners have already been used in the making of such films as Black Lightning, the Chronicles of Narnia and Harry Potter.

Most commonly used model: Artec MHT

Computer graphics for the cinema and gaming industries