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3D Scanners

Artec MHT™ Artec MHT™ 3D resolution, up to:  0.5 mm
Weight:  1.6 kg / 3.5 lb
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Artec in Wonderland 18 July 2012 Artec in Wonderland When Lewis Carroll wrote about the adventures of Alice, he could not have imagined that the technology of the 21st century could bring to life even the most daring of his fantasies. Today the Artec 3D scanner and an ordinary milling machine enable anyone to feel like Alice through the looking glass and, for example, play chess with giant pieces several times larger than a human being. Modern 3D technology makes it possible to digitize practically any 3D object, and then carve it on a milling machine, making it 10 times bigger or smaller.
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The next generation 3D Scanner 14 July 2010 The next generation 3D Scanner The Artec group proudly announces the release of a brand new 3D scanner — Artec MHT. This scanner acquires 3D data at high speeds, is hand-held, and captures brilliant color of the object. The scanner has been in development for almost a year. The goal was to make an affordable, hand-held, portable 3D scanner with texture, which will be unmatched by existing technology.
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