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3D Scanners

Artec MH™ Artec MH™ 3D resolution, up to:  0.5 mm
Weight:  1.4 kg / 3.1 lb
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Artec scanners at the Olympics 20 August 2012 Artec scanners at the Olympics Great Britain officials decided to celebrate the Summer Olympics with a dozen of large-scale projects representing arts of different regions of the country. One of these projects is a 6 meter high puppet of Lady Godiva who is considered as the symbol of Coventry. Artec scanners were used during the creation of this gigantic puppet.
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Artec scanner immortalized famous hat maker 11 July 2012 Artec scanner immortalized famous hat maker The company SolideXpress, which specializes in prototyping, conceived a project to create sculptures of famous personalities on the basis of their 3D models. They decided to begin with David Shilling, perhaps the most well-known hat maker in the world. His plastic figurine, created with the scanner Artec MH and a 3D printer, would be an excellent gift for any style-conscious man or woman who is crazy about unusual hats.
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