CAD Magazine feature article 1 December 2009 Merge Multiple Shots With the 3D-scanner from Artec you can scan a face, a limb, or a complete human body, but also digitalize technical, archaeological and art objects accurately. Make 3D-models with 3D-scanner and VX CAD/CAM These technical or organic forms can be copied quickly in any desired material. Edwin Rappard from 4C tells you about it.
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Artec's US distributor 7 September 2009 Exact Metrology, Inc. (Cincinnati, OH) has added the Artec3D Scanner to its metrology product offerings. The hand-held Artec3D Scanners require no mounts or markers, and they are said to be suitable for a variety of applications including computer graphics and animation, medical imaging, archiving, and prototyping. Exact Metrology offers a range of complete Artec3D Scanner systems, including hardware, software, and training, starting at about $15,000.
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