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21st century high-tech meets 13th century culture 19 November 2010 21st century high-tech meets 13th century culture It was a beautiful day, on a beautiful mountain, near a beautiful medieval monastery, as Artec employees continued their work on a pilot project that began earlier that year at the Erevan city history museum a few months earlier.
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Artec MHT and 3D Printer in France 30 October 2010 Watch how one of Artec customers in France talks about 3D printing and 3D scanning and how technology helps him run his business.
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Artec and Leios 8 October 2010 Artec and Leios Artec Group Inc and E.G.S. are pleased to announce that the two companies have joined forces to bring to market an affordable and complete 3D reverse engineering solution.
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3D Model Gallery on Artec’s site 26 August 2010 3D Model Gallery on Artec’s site Since the opening of Artec’s new website a few weeks ago, we have been adding content. The most recent addition is the 3D Model Gallery. There are almost 20 sample 3D scans, each exemplifying the strengths of Artec technology.
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Dinosaurs in 3D 16 July 2010 Dinosaurs in 3D For a while, we’ve known that archeologists have been using our technology successfully to scan excavation sites and fossils. We always wanted to try it for ourselves and recently got that chance. We made our way down to the Moscow Paleontology Museum. There, we were asked to scan a large scull of a big Tarbosaurus — a creature that roamed the Earth about 70 million years ago.
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SIGGRAPH2010 15 July 2010 SIGGRAPH2010 The Artec Group is proud to take part in the upcoming Siggraph 2010 exhibition July 27th through July 29th in Los Angeles, California. This exhibition is focused on the exciting and unpredictable world of computer graphics and animation. Artec will be exhibiting in partnership with one of our American distributors, Exact Metrology. Come visit us at stand #125 from July 27th to July 29th at the Los Angeles Convention Center.
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The next generation 3D Scanner 14 July 2010 The next generation 3D Scanner The Artec group proudly announces the release of a brand new 3D scanner — Artec MHT. This scanner acquires 3D data at high speeds, is hand-held, and captures brilliant color of the object. The scanner has been in development for almost a year. The goal was to make an affordable, hand-held, portable 3D scanner with texture, which will be unmatched by existing technology.
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Our new site is here! 5 July 2010 Hello everyone! For a long time we’ve been living with our old, clumsy website — The site was poorly structured and not very clear. We decided to start from scratch and make it user-friendly and informative. This website is our virtual embassy, which we intend to keep clean, neat, and always up-to-date. The web address has changed to to reflect the fact that it is completely dedicated to the topic of Artec 3D Scanners.
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3D Scanner - a valuable accessory for a CNC machine 1 June 2010 Read an article about how Artec scanners are a great complement to a CNC machine.
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