26 March 2012

Artec scans “Romanian Pamela Anderson”

When the Romanian online magazine CANCAN discovered Artec’s 3D scanning technology, they knew exactly what they were going to make of it: clone the Romanian superstar Simona Trasca. Knowing readers would love to see a miniature copy of this femme fatale, CANCAN published an article about scanning and printing Simona.

07 March 2012

Artec brings art home

Have you ever wanted to bring fine arts closer to your living room? Wouldn’t it be great if you could stroll along a virtual museum while lounging on your sofa? Or even get yourself an authentic miniature replica of your favorite sculpture? With Artec now you can!

31 October 2011

Artec makes the perfect Doctor Who

Only very few TV series manage to enthuse its viewers over generations. BBC’s famous «Doctor Who» knows how to do exactly that: broadcasting since 1963, the series have grown to become a widely known brand. Doctor Who mugs, t-shirts, towels, bed linen — fans can even purchase a Doctor Who Monopoly version!

03 August 2011

Artec on BBC's "Click"

BBC — Click’s presenter Spencer Kelly gets a 3D color print of his own head at Ravensbourne College’s rapid prototyping lab in London.

09 April 2011

How it all began

A thorough look at how Artec got started on one of Russia's premier news channels Rossiya 24