19 March 2012

Successful with Artec – Nederlandse Industrie

The Dutch online magazine Nederlandse Industrie publishes a story about the success our distributor Edwin Rappard from 4C had with Artec 3D scanners. Edwin assures that his “(…) life as a reseller of 3D scanners in the Netherlands had changed dramatically from its beginning in 2009”.

31 October 2011

Artec unites a hospital in Wales

The Rehabilitation Unit and the Maxillofacial Laboratory at the Morrison Hospital in Wales have joined forces and now both use the Artec MH scanner to solve two very different problems.

The Rehabilitation Unit initially purchased the scanner to design customized wheelchair cushions. A bean-bag imprint of a patients’ body was scanned and a more comfortable wheelchair cushion was made.

09 April 2011

How it all began

A thorough look at how Artec got started on one of Russia's premier news channels Rossiya 24