01 November 2012

Announcing- Eva Lite

Artec is proud to announce the release of Eva Lite - a simpler, cheaper version of Artec’s flagship 3D scanner.

20 August 2012

Artec scanners at the Olympics

Great Britain officials decided to celebrate the Summer Olympics with a dozen of large-scale projects representing arts of different regions of the country. One of these projects is a 6 meter high puppet of Lady Godiva who is considered as the symbol of Coventry. Artec scanners were used during the creation of this gigantic puppet.

08 August 2012

Release of Artec Studio 81

We are pleased to announce the release of the latest version of the Artec Studio 8.1 software. In this version new functions were added based on the requests of our partners and customers. These functions speed up the scanning process and improve the quality of the result. Here are some of the most interesting features:

01 August 2012

Battery for Artec scanners

Do you often work with a scanner and wish you didn’t have to always be near a power source? Then this news will certainly delight you.

Artec has released a special portable battery to make the process of working with our scanners even easier and more efficient.

30 July 2012

Eva in the press this week

This week new Artec scanner Eva was featured in two popular German publications: the biggest IT news sticker Heise and ITespresso. Another article was published in SparPoint. The story is based on the interview which Artec president Artem Yukhin gave to the correspondent of this American publication.

18 July 2012

Artec in Wonderland

When Lewis Carroll wrote about the adventures of Alice, he could not have imagined that the technology of the 21st century could bring to life even the most daring of his fantasies. Today the Artec 3D scanner and an ordinary milling machine enable anyone to feel like Alice through the looking glass and, for example, play chess with giant pieces several times larger than a human being. Modern 3D technology makes it possible to digitize practically any 3D object, and then carve it on a milling machine, making it 10 times bigger or smaller.

16 July 2012

Eva in the press this week

New Artec scanner keeps generating a lot of interest from different IT publications all other the world. This week Eva was featured in Rapid Ready Technology, 3Ders and SMT&Hybrid.

11 July 2012

Artec scanner immortalized famous hat maker

The company SolideXpress, which specializes in prototyping, conceived a project to create sculptures of famous personalities on the basis of their 3D models. They decided to begin with David Shilling, perhaps the most well-known hat maker in the world. His plastic figurine, created with the scanner Artec MH and a 3D printer, would be an excellent gift for any style-conscious man or woman who is crazy about unusual hats.

09 July 2012

Artec creates memories

As part of Design's days, which recently took place in Paris, a group of designers from SISMO, together with Artec’s authorized reseller in France 3D AVENIR, staged a real show. The goal of the presentation was to demonstrate the possibilities of new technologies and their role in contemporary design. And they chose a very clever way of doing this – they played to the human weakness of narcissism.

02 July 2012

Main masterpiece of metallurgical exhibition

Metallurgy. Litmash 2012, the industrial international exhibition devoted to metallurgy, has just ended at Moscow’s Expocenter. And although the company Artec did not officially take part, its 3D scanners shone at several display stands.

27 June 2012

Eva on the pages of CAD NEWS

Articles about Artec’s new scanner keep coming up in a variety of IT publications. This time Eva was featured by a German professional B2B magazine CAD NEWS which reports on current technological developments and achievements.

20 June 2012

Artec scanners at Eurographics 2012

Cagliari is the capital of the amazing Italian island of Sardinia. This town was the site of the 33rd annual international conference Eurographics, dedicated to computer graphics and animation. Artec has become the main sponsor of the event, and also participated in the exhibition taking place within the framework of the conference.

18 June 2012

New York Times writes about Artec

Recently the New York Times – one of the most widely read newspapers in America – published an article about the company Artec and its handheld 3D scanners.

04 June 2012

Everything is Under CONTROL

Artec participated for the first time in the exhibition Control 2012, devoted to controlling production quality. It’s time for some conclusions.

16 May 2012

Artec welcomes brilliant minds of the future

Recently the offices of the company Artec were visited by a rather unusual group. Children? No, it would be difficult to call them children, since their heads are occupied with thoughts and ideas that not every adult‘s brain could accommodate. Students of the ”Logos” educational center – not an ordinary school - came to become acquainted with the technologies and traditions of Artec.

15 May 2012

Artec on Turkish TV

Turkish television company “tv.arsivi” has broadcast a program dedicated to advanced Artec technologies used by the Turkish police. The program explains how, using 3D scanners, the police can receive data directly from the scene of a crime and input them into a computer for subsequent operations.

08 May 2012

Artec™ Unveils the Next Generation of 3D Scanning Technology

May 08, 2012 – Artec Group, the leaders in 3D imaging and scanner technology, today announced the unveiling of their new Artec™ Eva 3D Scanner at the CONTROL Expo in Stuttgart, Germany (Hall5, Stand 5530). Light, fast, simple to use and priced for businesses of any industry, Eva represents the next generation of 3D scanners.

16 April 2012

Eva – a new scanner by Artec

On May 8, 2012, at the Control show in Stuttgart, Germany, Artec will be unveiling “Eva” – a much anticipated, new 3D scanner in our model line-up. Come visit us at our stand and be the first one to see our beautiful Eva in person.

Hall 5, Stand 5530

09 April 2012

Artec scanners at the Technishow

Dutch magazine Aandrijven & Besturen has published an article about Technishow and about its acquaintance with the company 4C, an authorized reseller of Artec in the Netherlands. According to Else Rappard, office manager of the company, the exhibition was a great success. "We demonstrated a wide range of 3D services, such as the ZW3D CAD / CAM, 3D printing equipment from Solido, and Artec scanning systems".

03 April 2012

All existing clients receive a 10% discount

Do you already own an Artec 3D scanner? Do you plan to purchase another one? Receive a 10% discount on your next purchase, by sharing with us how you use your scanner. For more details on this offer, please contact your reseller or Artec directly.

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